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The Hyde Park compound is located in New Cairo on N’ Teseen Street, Fifth Settlement.
pay 10% downpayment and installments over 7 up to 8 years.
The starting unit price in Hyde Park New Cairo is 5,450,000 EGP
Last update of prices and details of Hyde Park New Cairo on 03/14/2023

Compounds Units

217 M²15,340,000 EGP
215 M²13,450,000 EGP
217 M²18,050,000 EGP
215 M²13,970,000 EGP
238 M²16,870,000 EGP
232 M²16,950,000 EGP
343 M²24,400,000 EGP
334 M²25,920,000 EGP
232 M²19,480,000 EGP
238 M²19,290,000 EGP
334 M²24,170,000 EGP
343 M²26,290,000 EGP
926 M²64,465,000 EGP
686 M²50,780,000 EGP
537 M²46,900,000 EGP
374 M²32,890,000 EGP
687 M²65,220,000 EGP
374 M²29,050,000 EGP

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